The Columbia Sustainable Finance Professionals Network (CSFPN) is a graduate student and alumni association comprised of established professionals in finance, investing and economics with an interest in sustainable finance and investing. CSFPN provides a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaborating on projects focused on sustainable finance and investments.

sps awardOn May 2, 2017, CSFPN was nominated for the Student Program Innovation Award and the Student Organization of the Year Award for Columbia’s School of Professional Studies (SPS). CSFPN’s president, Dazzle Bhujwala won the SPS Student Leadership Award in recognition of outstanding and notable contributions to the School of Professional Studies for the 2016-17 academic year.

Our Mission

CSFPN is open to the students, faculty and alumni of Columbia University with a background in finance, economics, and sustainable development.

  • We believe organizations should operate sustainably, balancing economic, environmental, and social considerations
  • We educate our members on emerging triple-bottom-line business issues and prepare them for careers related to sustainability
  • Connect students with employers through networking opportunities, career resources, and industry/alumni contacts in the private, for-profit, public, and non-profit sectors
  • We advocate and model sustainable practices in our own community through campus greening projects.

Executive Board Members

Dazzle Bhujwala, President
Donald Wissell, Vice President
Ava Song, Secretary