Jean Marie Masse, Global Head and Chief Investment Officer
International Finance Corporation

04-27-17 MasseMr. Masse joined IFC in 1994 and brings 25 years of direct investment experience, with a focus on banking, insurance, funds, asset management and specialty finance across Europe, Russia & CIS, Africa, Asia and Latin America. A strategic thinker with a global contact network, he demonstrated an ability to find solutions to complex investment situations, including series of value-creation debt and equity investment strategies during economic crisis in Asia (1998-2001) and Europe (2009-on going). Mr. Masse is currently overseeing a global portfolio of equity and quasi equity invested in emerging markets financial institutions, with a focus on creating shareholder value and exiting investments. He is leading a key IFC strategic initiative to mobilize funding to mitigate climate change via fixed income markets solutions, at scale. Mr. Masse’s counterparts include senior banking executives, investors (institutional, strategic, private), investment bankers, fund managers, executives from multilateral organizations and governments.

Mr. Masse holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD, an Ingénieur Agronome diploma (Master of Science degree-equivalent) from a leading engineering school in France, and is an IFC Global Leadership Program alumni. He received a record 26 World Bank Group Performance Awards for Outstanding Achievements, and regularly represents IFC in global forums and with the press.


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